A Question And Its Answer

What is the best brand for kitchen appliances? Obviously the answer is hotly contested because ‘best’ is all subjective.  A better question is “what is the best brand for me?” Their are countless options to choose from.

There are the titans, LE and GE.  Many will say that Samsung is taking the lead right now, or that Frigidaire is their one and only. Electrolux is a really strong kitchen appliance brand. And then, there is Cuisinart, Danby, KitchenAid, Breville and Panasonic. While this huge array of choices makes deciding confusing, it actually improves the chance of getting appliances right for you.  It just takes a little research!

What Is The Best Brand For Kitchen Appliances…And Me?

It will all boil down to 4 characteristics when choosing your kitchen equipment – function, features, design and price. All of these will have to go together when picking your top brand. Let’s jump in with some stats:

Top Appliance Brands

Samsung1938-SOUTH KOREAGroceriesMid-Size Tablet
BrandsFoundedPreviously Known AsCountry Of OriginFirst
LG1958GoldstarKoreaRadioPlasma TV 60in.
GE1878Edison Electric Light CompanyUSALight BulbCentral Power Station
Danby1947-CANADAHot Plates and
Slow Cookers
Portable Air Conditioner
Breville1932-AUSTRALIARadio and Mine DetectorsSandwich
Cuisinart1971-USAFood ProcessorFood Processor
Frigidaire1916Guardian Frigerator CompanyUSARefrigerator, Freezer, Aircon,
Electric Range
Panasonic1918Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., LtdJAPANLamp SocketsAudio Speaker
KitchenAid1919-USAStand MixerStand Mixer
Electrolux1901Lux ABSWEDENKerosene LampsElectric Vacuum Cleaner


LG is a South Korean company which was founded in 1958 as Goldstar. They have made many FIRSTS in the field of home appliances and that has made them popular globally for really cool innovations. They were also pricing their products quite reasonably – people can afford a luxurious looking and quality appliance at LG.

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GE (General Electric) has provided more than 130 years of customer service and satisfaction. For consumers who particularly love companies that have stood the test of time, GE is the industry juggernaut for you. 

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Danby is a family-owned company which manages to create compact kitchen appliances that really out perform expectation. Their products look stylish and are inexpensive, they even offer warranties that extend up to 24 months – which is longer than what most other brands propose. 

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This Australian brand has proven to be a consistently great kitchen appliance provider. From their humble beginnings in the 50’s to their state-of-the-art food appliances of today, Breville is another battle-tested company offering quality products at a reasonable price.

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Savor the Good Life® – this is the Cuisinart guarantee. Culinary experts swear on this brand and this brand is widely regarded and advertised as being for professionals. Chefs endorse this brand with a full heart and stomach.

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Most of their products are extremely energy efficient, so if you are environmentally conscious, simply looking to save on your bills, or both, Frigidaire may be the brand for you. Proudly USA made, they even offer 4-piece packages that may suit your entire kitchen!

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Panasonic is one of the more minor players in the appliance game but their functional products at extremely low prices has kept them thriving for years. 

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This brand has been in the market for more than 100 years and was acquired by Whirlpool Corporation.  Kitchen aid is time-tested and consistently great, with their primary focus being on offering variety to their customers.  People who love window shopping will love KitchenAid.

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Electrolux sells 50 million products each year worldwide.  You will love their washing machines and dryers combo plus their vacuum cleaners.  These appliances are focused on home care, maintenance, and cleaning.

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Lastly, for those of you who are tech-savvy and want to implement those skills in your kitchen, Samsung could be for you.  Though the prices can be a bit higher than the mean due to the technology, Samsung’s appliances are given favorable reviews consistently.

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Wrap Up

So, to answer your initial question “What is the best brand for kitchen appliances?”, I again counter with this: Which is best for you?  Use the plethora of information given here to help you decide which brand most identifies your needs and makes products to fill them!