How to Sharpen Vitamix Blades

How to Sharpen Vitamix Blades

Blenders play a huge role in our daily lives and to keep them functioning properly, they need to be maintained. If you own a high-performance blender like Vitamix, considering the amount of money spent on acquiring it, you’ll be motivated to look after it properly in a bid to keep your investment protected and also get the best value for whatever money spent on getting the blender. Getting your hands on the right techniques to sharpen your Vitamix blender blades is one of the best things to equip yourself with as far as maintaining a blender is concerned.

The blender, however underrated it may be, remains one of the most important appliances to have around the house, thanks to its versatile nature that makes it do almost anything you can think of as far as food processing is concerned. The fact that they come in different types, just like every other major household appliance, is enough to make them as popular as the likes of the dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave oven, and cooking range. Although blenders may not enjoy as much popularity as the aforementioned appliances, it takes nothing away from them as versatile and great appliances.

When you put the blender’s versatile nature into consideration, you’ll realize that only a few appliances can contend with the machine as the versatile machine can conveniently execute tasks that would have taken different appliances to execute. We now have high-powered blenders that can comfortably crush ice, make hot and cold foods, puree meat, prepare baby food, and many more. When you think of the functionalities of a blender and how easier it makes our domestic tasks, you’ll realize having a blender at home can do a whole lot more for you than you’ve ever imagined.

Retail unit sales of blenders in the United States from 2010 to 2019

It’s hard to think about the growth of blenders in the world without talking about the United States which happens to be the biggest appliance market in the world at the moment. The sales of blenders have skyrocketed over the past few years, with massive success being recorded in 2014 when over 26 million blenders were sold only in the United States. Although at the beginning of 2010, only 17.9 million units were sold, it was still regarded as a huge success then because it marked the beginning of a massive turnaround which has extended to what has now become a norm on the blender market today.

After the huge success in 2010 when 17.9 million blenders were sold, things improved in 2011 when sales of 18.4 million units were recorded. From that point up until 2014, there would not be a single dip as 2012, 2013, and 2014 all had figures like 21.2 million, 24.9 million, and 26.1 million respectively. In 2019, the recent year on the chart, an estimated 25.8 million blenders were sold which went up from the 25.5 million units that were sold the previous year.

To sharpen your Vitamix blender blades, you need to have the right techniques at your disposal, which are often very simple and easy to get even on your first try. When your Vitamix blades are sharpened, they allow you to get the best results out of every blending process because dull blades can only get a not-so-good result at the end of the day. Thankfully, the Vitamix blender blades sharpening process is always an easy one as you won’t get to stress yourself before getting your desired results at the end of the day.

U.S. imports of household and kitchen appliances from 2002 to 2020

When it comes to the popularity of major appliances across the globe, the United States has always been at the forefront, competing with giant Asian and European powerhouses like LG, Samsung, and Bosch among many others. People in the country have always prioritized convenience and comfort, both of which are offered by major household appliances, and knowing that these appliances can offer what they want, they don’t hesitate to part ways with their money to land their dream appliances. In 2018, the market value of the appliance market in the United States stood at $37.8 billion, and those numbers are projected to experience forward progression in the coming years.

Using the information provided by Arne Holst of Statista, we were able to create the chart above that shows the import value of major appliances in the United States from 2002 to 2020. We didn’t expect things to kickstart from the top from 2002, but as expected, things improved greatly from that point onward and no dip was recorded until 2009 when the import value dropped to $17.13 billion from $19.36 billion recorded the previous year. The figures have also managed to be stable from 2016 to 2019 before suffering another dip with the figures for 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 standing at $26.89 billion, $28.99 billion, $31.08 billion, and $29.6 billion.

In 2020, the import value stood at $33.12 billion, the market’s most successful year yet, but experts have predicted that those figures are going to hit new heights in the coming years with major household appliances growing so popular and people now realize the important role these appliances play in our respective lives.

Production of high-performance blenders has taken a different turn over the past few years with people paying more attention to extra convenience which they can and will get when they invest in some of these high-powered blenders. According to a post by Colleen Meheen for Home Steady, Vitamix is one of those brands that offer a wide range of blender styles, blades, and speeds. Vitamix also offers a wide range of replacement parts, leaving you in safe hands whenever you invest in a Vitamix blender. However, despite Vitamix’s reputation as one of the best in the industry today, Vitamix blades can get dull as a result of frequent use in breaking down ice cubes and other hard ingredients.

What Are High-powered Blenders?

If you’re wondering why some blenders are referred to as “high-powered” or “high-performance”, or even “high-speed”, then you’re not aware of the different blender types on the market at the moment. Everything you need in a typical household blender is what you’ll get in a high-powered blender, only that the latter does the job faster and more efficiently because it has more power. That explains why high-powered blenders are often priced higher than every other blender type on the market.

According to Buy Blenders, the only real difference between high-powered blenders and all other blenders is that high-powered blenders are packed with more motor power than the others. Most of these blenders usually have a minimum of 1000 watts of power, although some of them can go below that number as some high-performance Ninja blenders have about 700-watt motors. Apart from power, high-performance blenders usually come with more functionalities that make every process easier.

They are often always packed with about 2-3 horsepower with blades that can speed up to 300 KPH, making high-powered blenders beasts when it comes to modern-day food processing. Even when the blender blades hit hard materials, rather than stopping or getting damaged, they will cut right through, and that’s why blenders like Ninja, Vitamix, KitchenAid, and Jamba have become very popular over the past few years. If you manage to get your hands on the blenders with the highest power possible, you won’t even need to chop up your ingredients into smaller pieces before you get your desired results from every blend.

The whole idea behind super blenders is to take blending to a whole new level you’ve never quite experienced. Unlike normal household blenders that can only liquefy very soft ingredients, super blenders are packed with enough power (motor and blades) to liquefy whatever you put in them. With enough power to process ice, frozen drinks, and hard ingredients, high-powered blenders are great to have in every kitchen, especially when you have a large family. If you own a Vitamix blender, you need to get familiar with your Vitamix blender blades use.

Benefits of Super Blenders

As we mentioned earlier, super blenders have what it takes to cut through the hardest ingredients and that’s because they’re packed with enough power including strong blades and a powerful motor. Whatever you process in a super blender, you’re guaranteed almost perfect results if you use the right ingredients and you get the process right as well. If you’re wondering why you need a super blender in your kitchen, see the following benefits.

They can cook

If you think crushing ice and other ingredients is the only way super blenders are superior to personal blenders, wait until you see them while they’re cooking soups before you make up your mind. You can cook soups in minutes in your super blender as long as you have the right ingredients available to you, and that’s something other blender types cannot do. With the texture you’ll be left with at the end of the day, it’s going to be hard for anyone to believe that the soup was made using a blender.

They are very fast

Super blenders were created to be an upgrade on what we already had available to us which were the personal blenders that were common in many households across the United States many years ago. The goal was to make super blenders do what those old blenders were doing more efficiently and faster to make life more convenient for those who could afford them. If you’re looking for a blender that can get you everything you need in seconds without wasting too much time preparing food, super blenders are what you should look at.

They are efficient

To confirm this theory, try a frozen cocktail recipe with a normal blender and process the same ingredients in a super blender, and compare the results. Super blenders are more efficient because they provide better results than what would have been available to you if you had tried using a normal blender. This is why a lot of people prefer high-powered blenders because they’re guaranteed great consistencies at the end of the day.

How To Sharpen Vitamix Blades in 4 Easy Steps

Over the years, Vitamix’s stock has risen very high in the market and the brand is now regarded as one of the best to ever grace the industry with the production of top appliances that have taken the world by storm. Tech integration is one of the brand’s major styles, and the brand continues to take its game to a whole different level with the production of high-end blenders that are regarded as the best you can get on the market. Sharpening Vitamix grinder blades or Vitamix processor blades shouldn’t be as hard as many people have made it seem.

In four easy steps, we’ll be discussing how to sharpen your Vitamix blades below.

Step 1: Unplug The Machine

The first step to take in every maintenance procedure is to unplug whatever machine you are trying to clean or work on from an electrical outlet. The same thing goes for blenders whenever you’re about to clean them, especially when you have to handle things like blades or even access the motor. This is to promote safety because if you don’t disconnect the blender from a power source, the machine may start to function unknowingly and if your hands are on the blades, it may hurt you badly.

Step 2: Put On Your Protective Gloves

Another safety precaution you need to take is to put on your protective gloves whenever you’re handling Vitamix blades. According to a blog post on Home Steady, handling Vitamix blades needs extreme care, and that’s what you need to give whenever you’re handling them.

Step 3: Detach the gasket

After putting on your protective gloves, the next thing to do is to detach the gasket, locate where the blades are attached in the base, and take them off. While you’re doing this, make sure your protective gloves are on to avoid cuts.

Step 4: Put On Your Protective Gloves

Now that the blades are out, the next thing to do is to clean the blades before moving on to sharpen the blades. After cleaning the blades, use a clean towel to try them before sharpening them on your sharpening plate. Insert the blades back into the base after you’re done sharpening them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you sharpen blender blades?

You can sharpen blender blades when they’re dull as a result of frequent use. When you constantly use your blender to process ice and other hard ingredients, they’ll become dull over the years, and when this happens, the best thing is to sharpen rather than replace them.

2. Do Vitamix blades get dull?

Yes, they do. As we mentioned earlier, Vitamix blades get dull when they’re used very often.’

3. Can you sharpen Vitamix blender blades?

Yes, you can.


Vitamix blenders are popular for many reasons. What people love most about these blenders is that they are high-performance blenders. Despite their powerful nature, Vitamix blender blades can get dull over the years due to usage. In this article, we’ve discussed how to sharpen Vitamix blender blades in four easy steps.





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