Best Handheld Vacuum Sealers for Mason Jars

Top 3 Best Handheld Vacuum Sealers for Mason Jars

Top 3 Best Handheld Vacuum Sealers for Mason Jars Comparison Table


Foodsaver FS1120 Handheld Vacuum Food Sealer Machine

Nesco Portable Handheld Vacuum Sealer

Meidong Portable Vacuum Pump with Storage Bags











2.02 pounds






Special Feature

Powerful Vacuum Technology

High Capacity Rechargeable Battery

8 Reusable Vacuum Bags

Editor’s Rating




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The concept of food preservation may be different to different people, after all, there are different methods available to be used. Before refrigerators were invented, people had a way of getting their food items preserved, although this method might not have been that effective, it was all they had back then. A new era welcomed the invention of refrigerators, making them the primary machines for preserving food which would be wrapped around wax or foil paper to prevent it from getting damaged.

The truth is that this method also worked well, and if vacuum sealers hadn’t been invented, it would have been the best food preservation method ever. Looking back in time, we can now begin to appreciate technology more, after all, it’s responsible for bringing some of the greatest inventions of all time to life and even better.

As the world grew into a better tech-oriented space, improvements were made, and some of the old storage techniques became more high-end, leaving us with better equipment and machines to help us get through each day of our domestic lives in one piece. That’s not to disregard the old methods or make them irrelevant in the world we live in today, although that’s what some people will agree to. People still wrap their food items in foil papers, put them in the refrigerators because the method still works.

According to A Subtle Revelry, people don’t often let go of methods like that because they will likely spend less on them and would not mind spending more time to make up for the little cost of operation. Spending more time trying to get your food preserved is not the only downside of this method. You’ll also realize it’s only a matter of time before your food items start to have freezer burn because foil paper doesn’t do as much of an efficient job as vacuum or freezer bags.

Mylar bags to the rescue? Mylar bags have almost the same effect as vacuum-sealed bags even when they are not vacuum sealed. This is because Mylar bags are built for one purpose only; to help effectively preserve food. To have survived all those years and remain relevant today, they could only have been doing the job the right way, which explains why people still prefer to spend their money on them.

Living in a modern world like the one we live in now, technological advancements have brought industrial food storage methods straight into our homes, and we can’t possibly ask for more. Vacuum-sealing is a food storage method that was never used domestically because the cost of operation was high, and people weren’t just ready to spend much on machines when other methods could get them the same result, although not as effective as they would have liked.

Vacuum-sealing mason jars is one of the many modern ways to efficiently store your food items. Mason jar vacuum sealers are vacuum sealers for jars that have become the latest tech innovations that give you the liberty to effectively store your food in a vacuum bag. The goal is to protect your food from being exposed to the air, which often carries pathogens that can destroy food.

Vacuum sealers for canning jars or vacuum jar sealers for mason jars have also become very popular over the years, after all, they can be used to seal what a lot of people don’t see as achievable. Brands like Ziploc, Nesco, NutriChef, and Foodsaver have all contributed hugely to the success of vacuum sealers in the world, and not just that. These brands now produce quality handheld vacuum sealers for mason jars.

Commercial jar vacuum sealers are now finding a way into many households across the country, which is unquestionably amazing. The good thing about these handheld vacuum sealers for mason jars is that they are so mobile that they can be carried around. It is ideal for hunters, travelers, large or small households, campers, and many more.

Once you have your food items in a freezer bag, you can be confident that the nutrients of your food will be preserved. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best handheld vacuum sealers for mason jars, but before we get into that, let’s take a look at some of the factors to consider when purchasing a new handheld vacuum sealer for mason jars.

What To Look For In A Handheld Vacuum Sealer

Handheld vacuum sealers are as important as any other type of vacuum sealer. We love to always inform our readers of the important things to look for in a handheld vacuum sealer before purchasing it. If these things are not seriously considered, you may end up purchasing the wrong product. Despite being fairly priced, you can’t afford to purchase the wrong handheld vacuum sealer, especially when you purchase one without a warranty.

Purchasing a handheld vacuum sealer involves the same steps as purchasing any other vacuum sealer type. It means your homework has to be done properly if you’re to purchase the right product. Most of these handheld vacuum sealers don’t work with objects like mason jars, which is why you need to get the one that fits your needs. Some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new handheld vacuum sealer include;


When purchasing a new handheld vacuum sealer for mason jars, you need to ensure you’re getting the one you can count on to deliver the best results for you any day. A reliable handheld vacuum sealer is efficient, and being efficient means being able to deliver at the highest level possible. Handheld vacuum sealers may have only been portable, but they also work as effectively as their high-end counterparts.

You need to make sure the handheld vacuum sealer you’re purchasing is reliable and will work as effectively as you would want it to.

Online Reviews

If you want to know all there is to know about a product, the best way to do that is to check what people are saying about the product online. There’s no better way to know more about a product than the reviews the product is getting online. It means people who have bought and used the products have a thing or two to say about the product. Whenever you’re purchasing a product online, this is something you shouldn’t miss out on, and we know you probably know that too.

Reviews are what will give you an insight on the product you’re looking to get including its pros and cons, what you should expect, whether or not it’s worth the money, and many more. This way, you’ll know what you’re up against, and probably have enough reasons to either go on with the purchase or take a few steps back.


This is perhaps the most important factor, but a lot of people don’t seem to pay attention to this, and they always end up spending more than they should. A product marketed on different e-commerce platforms may have varying prices, and that’s because those platforms have different methods of pricing the products they’re marketing. On a platform like Amazon, a lot of sellers are pushing the same product to their potential customers.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get the product at a cheaper price from the manufacturer’s official store on Amazon, or even on the manufacturer’s website. You should also try to hold out for somewhat seasonal discounts which let you purchase your desired product for a lesser price than you would have to spend on a normal day. If you don’t consider these things, you may end up spending more than you have to, and it’ll be a painful thing to later realize the situation could have been avoided.

Cost is an important factor to seriously consider if you want to purchase the right product without overspending.

The Best Handheld Vacuum Sealers For Mason Jars

Foodsaver FS1120 Handheld Vacuum Food Sealer Machine

For those looking for a sophisticated product that works as effectively as any high-end vacuum sealer, this Foodsaver handheld mason jar sealer is one of the best options to consider. Foodsaver, over the years, has formed quite a reputation for being one of the best manufacturers of quality vacuum sealers, and this handheld vacuum sealer further seals the brand’s spot at the summit of the game.

The handheld vacuum sealer ticks almost all the boxes from pricing to product quality. Investing in this handheld vacuum sealer for mason jars may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make as far as food storage or preservation is concerned.


One of the things you’ll get to enjoy when you invest in this Foodsaver handheld vacuum sealer is that it is one of the most efficient handheld vacuum sealers you can get on the market right now. The handheld machine can seal up to 60 bags (1-quart) on a full 24-hour charge.

Compatible With All Foodsaver Zipper Bags

Even if you have Foodsaver bags for bigger vacuum sealers, you can still use those bags with this handheld vacuum machine because it is compatible with all Foodsaver zipper vacuum bags, accessories, and food containers. This is why it is regarded as one of the best handheld vacuum sealers for mason jars.

Powerful Operation

The machine is packed with powerful vacuum technology that takes out excess air from the vacuum seal bags so they can be sealed as quickly as possible. This will come in handy for those who want to get things done as soon as possible.

Nesco Portable Handheld Vacuum Sealer

This portable jar vacuum sealer machine is an ideal vacuum sealer for canning jars and is widely regarded as an amazing product, and that explains the positive ratings online. Using the vacuum sealer, which can also work on mason jars, helps you save money and time. You can prevent a whole lot from spoilage to freezer burn.

Despite being fairly priced, you can use the product to seal expensive food items like cheeses, deli meats, and even expensive jewelry and other important documents. Weighing just a little over 2 pounds, you can easily move the handheld vacuum machine around. It is ideal for travelers, campers, and even households. “We use it daily and it has plenty of power and has never failed to eliminate the air from a vacuum seal bag. We highly recommend,” a verified customer raved about the product online.

Powerful Battery

When the battery is fully charged, you can use it to seal up to 50 bags. This is one of the biggest benefits of having this Nesco vacuum sealer. The battery is rechargeable and it functions at the highest level possible.

Heavy-duty Motor

Efficiency is also one of the biggest pros of this Nesco vacuum sealer because it features a heavy-duty motor with a piston pump, both of which allow the sealer to get the air out of your food container as quickly as possible.

Ergonomic Hand-hold Design

You don’t have to worry about handling the handheld vacuum sealer because it’s built with a portable ergonomic hand-hold design that makes it very mobile and easy to handle.

Meidong Portable Vacuum Pump with Storage Bags

Lastly, this Meidong portable vacuum pump is also an ideal option to try out, especially when you’re on a budget. What people love about this package is that it comes with many accessories that will make every vacuum sealing operation you carry out a successful one. Its portable design is another thing people love most about the vacuum sealer. The fact that they can move it around whenever they want is an added advantage.

Comes With Necessary Accessories

If you’re looking for a vacuum sealer that comes with everything you need in one package, this Meidong handheld vacuum pump should be your go-to option. It is packed with 8 pack vacuum storage bags.

Efficient Operation

When it comes to efficiency, only a few handheld vacuum sealers can match this Meidonng’s power and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best vacuum sealer for jars?

There are lots of options to consider for this purpose, but if you’re looking for something inexpensive, you should consider one of the three handheld vacuum sealers we’ve reviewed in this article.

2. What is the best handheld food vacuum sealer?

Foodsaver FF1120 is one of the best handheld vacuum sealers you can get your hands on at the moment. The product is widely regarded across the country.

3. Can you seal mason jars with a vacuum sealer?

To make food storage more efficient, it is advisable to vacuum-seal jars containing fresh food items. All the products we’ve reviewed in this article are ideal for sealing mason jars.


Vacuum sealing is a great food preservation method for those who are looking to preserve their food for the long term. We are blessed to live in an age where the world is filled with possibilities, thanks to the technological advancements we have today. You don’t have to break the bank before buying a vacuum sealer that’ll give you what you need. Thankfully, there are now affordable products that don’t cost up to $100.

All the products we’ve discussed in this article are ideal for sealing mason jars and other food containers. These products were carefully picked based on many factors that range from reviews to budget-friendliness. The food in vacuum-sealed mason jars lasts longer because the jar gives the food extra protection, especially when the air is sucked out of it.





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