How to Remove Ice Tray from LG Refrigerator

How to Remove Ice Tray from LG Refrigerator

The need for modern refrigerators has never been more important than it is now, given that we now live in an age where our attention is divided between many life-related matters that give us little time to focus on our respective domestic lifestyles. We are not just talking about modern refrigerators but modern appliances in general. Partially coming out of lockdown caused by the dreadful Covid-19 that confined most of us to our homes for the better part of 2020, we’ve realized the importance of having modern appliances in our different homes. Having to learn new skills, spend more time at home, we can only imagine how the period would have been if we didn’t have modern appliances to help us get through each day.

The larger part of that period is over now but way before the pandemic, the importance of modern appliances was always obvious. Modern appliances are what qualifies a kitchen as “modern”, or maybe not just a kitchen, but the home in general. This explains why people don’t mind spending a chunk of money to land these appliances just to enjoy the comfort and convenience that come with them. There’s no denying how much convenience you’ll get to enjoy if you have modern appliances in your home. The fact that they do more than just their basic tasks is enough reason to want to invest heavily in them. Refrigerators have gone from traditional to high-end, and you can say that’s one of the most beautiful evolutions in the world of appliances.

Today, we now have refrigerators that can do a lot of things. They come with ice makers, water dispensers, large LCD screens that can make you stream your favorite TV shows, and do a whole lot more. Without forgetting the fundamental operation of a refrigerator, modern appliances efficiently keep your food items fresher for longer with the latest technology. When you put all these things into consideration, you’ll understand why some of these refrigerators have the high price tags they have, and rightly so. Refrigerators also come in different styles from side-by-side to top freezer, French door to bottom freezer. The rise of these refrigerators has seen comparisons being drawn between the biggest manufacturers with topics like “LG vs Samsung refrigerators” and “GE vs LG refrigerators” trending heavily over the past few years.

Amidst all these huge developments, LG has been a consistent presence, contributing to the growth of the industry by making some of the best refrigerators of every model year for the past few decades. This immense development has been lauded by many but not only has LG been a driving force, but it has also managed to implement every form of innovation into all of its refrigerators, which is something other brands are beginning to do. The downsides of modern refrigerators include some of their most exciting features breaking down when you need them the most. Nothing lasts forever, we know that, and the sooner you realize this about modern refrigerators, the less worried you’ll be when something like that ever happens.

Knowing how to remove the ice tray from your LG refrigerator is such an important thing to know. Knowing how to remove an ice maker and the tray pan on your LG refrigerator will also come in handy even in the most complicated troubleshooting process. The icemaker is an important part of every modern refrigerator and anybody can testify the convenience that comes with having ice always ready on those summer afternoons is always amazing. Knowing how to remove your LG ice maker is an easy process that we’ll be discussing later, but before we get into that, we’d like to take a look at the brief history of LG and how much the brand has contributed to the growth of the appliance industry on a global scale.

Little information about LG

Up until 1995, LG was operating under the name “Lucky-Goldstar”, a name which the company adopted in 1983. The company has since grown to be one of the biggest conglomerates in South Korea and the world. With its subsidiaries in operation in over 80 countries, it is no longer a surprise that LG has earned a “cult hero” status among other appliance manufacturers in the world. The branch of the company that focuses on appliances, LG Electronics, had a total of $58.8 billion in revenue, making it the company’s hottest division. The brand has enjoyed massive success over the years with its main industry focusing on home appliances and consumer electronics. As of 2020, The company’s total number of employees stood at over 83,000 worldwide, according to a Wikipedia post.

Common ice maker problems

The ice maker is one of the most exciting features that now come with a modern refrigerator, and it has been lauded by a lot of people as a great feature. With the United States alone owning lots of refrigerators, as you can, and backed by statistics, find nearly 1 out of every 4 households using more than one refrigerator, we’re not surprised that people have called for features that’ll make life more convenient and comfortable for consumers. With the ice maker playing an important role in the refrigerator, knowing how to remove your LG refrigerator ice maker when something unusual happens is always a big advantage. If your LG refrigerator ice maker or ice tray is stuck, it is always due to some common causes, some of which can be fixed without needing any professional services. Below are some of the common problems of an LG ice maker.

Inlet valve problem

The water inlet valve plays a huge role in providing water to the ice maker which now turns it into ice cubes. According to How To Fix It, LG refrigerators usually feature 2 water inlet valves with the main valve located at the back of the unit and the supporting valve in the left door of the refrigerator. The main water inlet valve provides water to the second valve which is usually in the unit. Out of the two valves, the secondary valve causes the most problems with the ice maker, so it should be one of the first things you should check out. To get the valves checked, you’ll need a multimeter which will indicate whether or not the valves are still in perfect working conditions. The best way to fix these valves is to replace them with new ones, but it is very unlikely that both valves get damaged at a time. This means that you’ll most likely be changing one of the water inlet valves.

Water hose

If you’ve checked the water inlet valves and they’re in perfect shape, your next stop should be the water hose. The hose is what is connected to the inlet valve and if something goes wrong with it, water won’t be supplied properly to your ice maker, causing it not to produce as much ice or nothing at all. You can check if the water flow is being obstructed by anything. This happens when the hose is not straightened. However, if you notice any damage to the hose, then it’s high time you replaced it.

The ice maker itself

You can check every other thing connected to the ice maker, and even replace them, but if the ice maker is faulty, the only thing you can do is have it fixed, or worst case, replace it. Usually, you can perform an easy diagnostic test on your ice maker, which will indicate that the ice maker is still in perfect shape (check your manual on how to do this). However, if the ice maker is unable to perform the test, then it’s most likely due to the failure of the ice maker motor which will have to be replaced.

The control board

The Control board comes with every LG refrigerator. That’s what sends power to every component in the unit, so when it is not sending power to the ice maker, you should have it checked if one or more relays in the control board haven’t failed. Problems from the control board are always a big deal, so you might have to request professional service from LG to have someone at your place to help you get it fixed.

How to remove ice tray from your LG refrigerator

LG refrigerator ice bin, or an ice bucket, as it is also fondly called, is an important part of every LG refrigerator that comes with an ice maker. Together with the ice tray, they all combine well to give you the convenience that comes with having ice cubes always ready for consumption. Since the refrigerator works all day, you don’t have to worry about not getting enough cold drinks on those hot summer afternoons. The ice maker’s job is to provide you with enough ice daily, depending on the model of your LG refrigerator. Knowing how to remove the ice tray from your LG refrigerator will leave you in a good spot when a situation with the ice tray ever comes up.

LG advises that when something like this happens, below are some of the likeliest causes;

The tray is stuck to the ice maker

If you find it difficult to remove the ice tray for cleaning, it might be that it is stuck to the ice maker, and if you try to force it out, it could damage both the tray and the ice machine. This is not a common occurrence, but when it happens, it’s usually not something serious. All you can do is check if there’s anything holding the tray to the ice maker. Once you find that, kindly remove it as this will allow you to remove the ice tray without causing any damage to the ice maker.

The tray is stuck to the bucket

Unlike the first cause, this is a very common occurrence because the tray and the bucket are so close to one another. The bucket is always placed on the tray which receives ice remains. Whatever is holding the tray to the bucket is not serious and you can always get rid of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you clean an LG ice tray?

You clean an LG ice tray like you clean some of your dishes. You only need water and the usual dishwasher soap. However, if the stains on the tray are tough, you can try mixing ½ cup of bleach and a gallon of water.

2. How do I remove the ice maker tray?

The first thing to do when you’re trying to remove the ice maker tray from your refrigerator is to open the compartment door. You can do this by pulling down the handle which is located on the inside of the left food door grasp. You will find the ice tray under the ice bucket. Gently lift the ice bucket up and pull out the ice maker tray.

Final thoughts

Some things are very important to know when you have a modern refrigerator. Things like “how to remove an ice tray from your LG refrigerator” are basic, and it’s one of the many things you need to equip yourself with. The ice tray is an important part of the ice-making unit because when ice falls from the ice bucket, the ice tray is always there to house the ice residue. This way, the refrigerator can be protected from having ice fall into some of the components in it, or even the refrigerator door if the ice maker is located in the refrigerator door.





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