Best 30-inch Electric and Gas Cooktops With Downdrafts

Top 4 Best 30-inch Electric and Gas Cooktops With Downdrafts

Top 4 Best 30-inch Electric and Gas Cooktops with Downdrafts Comparison Table

ImageKitchenAid 30 inch Black Electric Downdraft Cooktop With 4 Elements - KCED600GBLJennAir 30 inch Black Floating Glass JX3 Electric Downdraft Cooktop - JED3430GBKitchenAid 30 inch Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Downdraft Cooktop - KCGD500GSSGE Profile 30 inch Stainless Steel Built-In Gas Downdraft Cooktop - PGP9830SJSS

KitchenAid KCED600GBL 30-inch Black Electric Downdraft Cooktop with 4 Elements

JennAir 30-inch Black Floating Glass JX3 Electric Downdraft Cooktop

KitchenAid KCGD500GSS 30-inch Stainless Steel 4-burner Gas Cooktop

GE Profile PGP9830SJSS 30-inch Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop





GE Profile

Product Dimension

3.36 x 30.8 x 22.06 inches

3.66 x 30.88 x 22.06 inches

18.44 x 30 x 21.5 inches

2.25 x 29.81 x 21.94 inches


50 lbs


66 lbs

60 lbs

Ignition Type







Black Floating Glass

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Number of Burners





Special Features

Hot-surface Indicator

Perimetric Extraction

17K BTU Professional Burner

Gas on Glass Cooktop

Editor’s Rating





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Since the beginning of time, food has always been one of the most important survival elements. It is one of those things that have a direct impact on our survival as well as growth and staying alive, so its importance has never and can never be overemphasized. Whether you’re a big fan of cooking or not, food will always be very important to you because you know how much your body needs it to stay functional and also aid growth.

Transitioning from those years where people who existed had nothing to make cooking easier and more efficient to a world where almost everything available to us right now is to make life easier and better for us is one of the best things to happen to us as humans. Imagine a world with no electricity or machines, no cars, just horses; it’s hard to imagine how those who lived back then survive because we have almost everything we can think of to make life easier for us. The truth, however impossible it may seem, is that if we had existed when there was no technology, we would have survived as well because that’s one of the things that make humans stand out from every other living thing.

Kitchen appliances, regardless of their types, are gaining huge popularity in the world as a result of how easy they make things happen. People have also come to realize the importance of these appliances, and that explains why they spend thousands of dollars to have their kitchens packed with them. Some cooking ranges cost more than $7000 and people don’t mind chucking that amount on them because they are aware they’ll get the best value for their money provided they take their time to research the right one so they don’t get their hands on the right one.

Whether you’re getting a cooking range or cooktop, 30-inch models are always very popular because they manage to be in the middle of other sizes such as 48 inches, 24-inches, and 36-inches. People with average kitchen spaces will find 30-inch downdraft gas cooktops very ideal because these cooktops will perfectly fit into their kitchen spaces without issues. Similarly, there are also a great number of 30-inch downdraft electric cooktops that are very affordable and will fit into your budget.

The Best 30-inch Electric Cooktops with Downdrafts

KitchenAid KCED600GBL 30-inch Black Electric Downdraft Cooktop with 4 Elements

KitchenAid has to be one of the biggest appliances manufacturers out of the United States, and the brand now competes with the very best in the industry including Samsung, LG, and Bosch. People who have previously used this 30-inch electric cooktop have praised the appliance’s sleek design that can match any kitchen decoration, and while that may not be enough reason to invest in a cooktop, it remains an important factor. Just like with most electric cooktops, the KCED600GBL doesn’t come with a power cord due to different outlet configurations. The ceramic-glass surface with downdraft features is enough for the cooktop to maintain a refined appearance that sets it apart from the rest.


Hot surface indicator

Gas cooktops have formed a reputation for not being safe, and that’s why some folks would put their money on electric cooktops any time of the day. Electric cooktops are packed with enough safety features such as the hot surface indicator that provides a clear indication of whether or not the cooking surface is safe to be touched. This is a great feature, even for adults as you will be very aware of the condition of the cooktop surface before touching it.

10-inch even-heat ultra element with simmer settings

When cooking, you need a versatile cooktop to help you get the perfect results, and that’s what this KitchenAid cooktop offers. It features a 10-inch even-heat element with simmer settings that helps provide high and low-temperature cooking techniques. This helps you maintain a constant supply of power so a range of simmer settings can be delivered.

Downdraft ventilation

Naturally, you would need a hood to help create a ventilation system in the kitchen to ensure smoke and odors don’t disturb you. However, this KitchenAid electric cooktop comes with a downdraft ventilation system that helps remove smoke and odors by either taking them outside or recirculating them inside.


It is affordable

This is one of the most affordable electric cooktops available on the market at the moment, and the fact that it comes with a downdraft system, despite its size, makes it an amazing choice for many.

It adds more value to your kitchen

A lot of folks are big on designs and how the appliances they spend their money on can add more value to their kitchen spaces. If that’s the kind of thing you want, then you should invest in this KitchenAid cooktop. Its black color makes it very beautiful, and when you consider how its knobs also make the cooktop, you will even love it more.

It can be converted to duct-free ventilation

If you want your downdraft cooktop to be placed anywhere in the kitchen with installation restrictions, you can achieve this using a duct-free conversion which you’ll need to purchase separately.


It doesn’t come with a power cord

People think electric cooktops should come with power cords, and that’s what most electric cooktops have been lacking over the years. This is usually due to different outlet configurations, which makes you purchase a cord based on your outlet configuration.

JennAir 30-inch Black Floating Glass JX3 Electric Downdraft Cooktop

JennAir is a luxury brand that produces some of the best American-made appliances, including the best ranges, cooktops, and many other important kitchen appliances. This black floating glass electric downdraft cooktop features a sleek cooking surface that is packed with four radiant elements, all of which are known for their responsive performance. The cooktop also features the popular JX3 downdraft system that helps you quickly clear the air efficiently without having to purchase a hood for that purpose.


JX3 downdraft ventilation system with 3 speeds

The JX3 is a downdraft ventilation system developed and refined by JennAir to help promote efficient air clearance. The JX3 uses proximity ventilation to capture odors, steam, and smoke at the cooking surface before sending them all down to give back fresh air into the atmosphere. The system relies on a vertically mounted 297 CFM Motor Class1 blower system to provide optimal cooking performance.

Die-cast metal knobs

Getting your hands on an efficient cooktop doesn’t mean you should compromise on a beautiful design. This JennAir 30-inch electric cooktop comes with die-cast metal knobs that are available in either black or Euro-style stainless designs. While maintaining beauty, the knobs also help maintain precise control over your meals.

DuraFinish Glass Protection

The sad thing about cooktops that come with a ceramic glass cooktop surface is that they can easily be broken and are also susceptible to scratches. However, things are different with this JennAir 30-inch electric cooktop as it comes with DuraFinish glass protection that keeps the ceramic glass surface of your cooktop very safe.


Advanced features

If you’re looking to enjoy advanced features on an electric cooktop, you can be confident that this JennAir 30-inch electric cooktop has almost everything you need. Some of the features you’ll get to enjoy with the cooktop includes Color-Coordinating Metal Knobs, DualFinish Glass Protection, Perimetric Extraction, and many more.

Justifies its price tag

A lot of people may think the price tag it carries is way more than what a normal 30-inch electric range would cost, but who said anything about the cooktop being normal? As high as the price tag is, people are still investing in it because, at the end of the day, they’ll get the best value for their money.

Beautiful cast-metal knobs

The cast-metal knobs make this JennAir electric cooktop stand out from the other cooktops in its class.


The initial price may seem too high

If you don’t try to understand the cooktop and all the features it comes with, you may think it’s just another overpriced electric cooktop.

The Best 30-inch Gas Cooktops with Downdrafts

KitchenAid KCGD500GSS 30-inch Stainless Steel 4-burner Gas Cooktop

KitchenAid doesn’t only produce some of the best 30” gas cooktops with downdrafts but is also one of the best appliance manufacturers in the world today. The goal is to help you create a healthy atmosphere to prepare your meals without having to be disturbed by smoke, odors, or steam. The 30-inch gas cooktop comes with a 17k BTU professional burner that provides the power you need for high-temperature processes like boiling water or searing steaks. The same burner can have its lowest setting activated so you can simmer your favorite sauces properly. There’s also a second professional burner with a power output of 15,000 BTU that can be used for several demanding cooking activities.


Powerful burners

Gas cooktops are usually the most powerful, and people prefer them because they can get meals ready in minutes. The burners have power outputs of 17,000 BTU, 15,000 BTU, 10,000 BTU, and 5,000 BTU, all of which are ideal for different cooking tasks. The 5k BTU burner, for example, is used to cook soft and delicate meals such as melting butter or chocolate, thanks to the gentle flame it produces.

3-speed fan control

The 3-speed fan control is connected with the downdraft, and it can help you remove odors, grease, and steam from the air in a matter of minutes.

Automatic re-ignition

Using a pilot light to spark up your gas range is regarded as rather obsolete because technology has improved things in a lot of ways. To aid efficiency and reliability, the burners can be relit once the flame is blown out, and that’s an exciting feature to have in a 21st-century appliance.


Convenient features

With features like the 17,000 BTU professional burner, electronic ignition, duct-free ventilation conversion, and automatic re-ignition, you can be confident that there are enough features that will make every operation easier and more convenient for you.

You don’t need a power cord

Unlike an electric cooktop that needs a power cord to function, and doesn’t even mostly come with one, you don’t have to go through that much stress with a gas cooktop, provided you have the necessary gas hookups around.

A popular option

Put a GE 30-inch gas cooktop, Bosch 30-inch gas cooktop, Whirlpool 30-inch gas cooktop, Viking 30-inch gas cooktop, and this KitchenAid 30-inch gas cooktop, and most folks would pick the latter over every other 30-inch cooktop because it comes with a downdraft ventilation system.


Not enough power for its price tag

For a gas cooktop that is priced close to $2,000, people expect more power to be packed with the cooktop, the cooktop’s most powerful burner is a 17k BTU professional burner, which is not enough for some people.

GE Profile PGP9830SJSS 30-inch Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

This is a built-in gas downdraft cooktop by GE Profile, and it is one of the most popular gas cooktops with a downdraft ventilation system on the market right now. Its popularity is due to its effective operation, and how it helps save time as it cooks faster and is very easy to clean.


Four gas cooking burners

If you invest in this gas cooktop, you’ll have access to four efficient gas cooking burners that are famous for their performance. The all-purpose burners can help you prepare foods very quickly because they distribute heat evenly.

Dishwasher-safe grates and knobs

One of the things people love most about this GE Profile gas cooktop is that it comes with dishwasher-safe and knobs that are very easy to clean as they can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

11,500 BTU all-purpose burner

The gas cooktop features an all-purpose burner that delivers a variety of heat outputs that are ideal for most cooking needs.


Easy to clean

This is one of the easiest gas cooktops to clean because it comes with grates and knobs that are dishwasher-safe.

Sleek cooking surface

The gas cooktop has a glass surface that is very sleek and also very easy to clean. This way, you can be confident that the appliance will complement the other appliances in your kitchen.


Outlandish price tag

We expect gas cooktops to be expensive, but that’s because we expect more power than electric cooktops. This GE Profile gas cooktop only comes with an 11,500 BTU burner as its most powerful burner. We think the brand can do better than this and the cooktop can be packed with more power.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand is best for a cooktop?

Some of the most popular brands for cooktops include KitchenAid, Bosch, Samsung, Thermador, JennAir, and Wolf to mention but a few.

2. Which is better: gas or electric cooktop?

This is one of the hottest debates online regarding cooktops, and as much as the answer can be subjective, many experts think gas cooktops have an edge over their electric counterparts.

3. What should I look for when buying a gas cooktop?

Some of the things to consider when purchasing a gas cooktop include surface material, appliance material, the size of your kitchen, the size of the appliance, your budget, warranties, and many more.

Final Thoughts

If you want to cook efficiently but you don’t have access to expensive cooking ranges, you can get almost the same results if you invest in cooktops which will also provide you with efficient results. We’ve tried to highlight the best 30-inch electric and gas cooktop with downdrafts to help you make the best decision when it’s time to decide on which one to settle for. Getting a cooktop with a downdraft will help you eliminate bad smells, steam, or smoke from your kitchen through a ventilation system.





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