5 of the Best of the Brands for Kitchen Appliances

5 of the Best of the Brands for Kitchen Appliances

The Question!


The kitchen is not just a home for chefs, making great delicacies, it is also the place for several home appliances that make our chores around the house or particularly in the kitchen lot easier. Technology has indeed revolutionized the way we do things. It has affected all facets of life and the kitchen is not left aloof. Hence, in the spirit of technological advancements, a lot of companies have been established to pioneer the manufacturing of some of these necessary home appliances. Due to this, there are a plethora of home appliances brands to pick from when it is time to purchase one, and most of these brands are top-quality, making it difficult for us to decide which brand to pick from. 


The kitchen is home to numerous handy appliances, including the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, stove, microwave, toaster, toaster oven, coffee maker, espresso

machine, air fryer, Instant Pot, and waffle maker, and more. Because of their versatility, these innovative devices are a huge part of our daily routines. Hence when it is time to time to get a replacement for our appliances, it is crucial to conduct proper scouting and fact-finding that will reveal the reputation and features of the brand and products that we intend to purchase. 


In a nutshell, before taking a trip to the nearest store, make up your mind on a product of choice by considering its features of that product before concluding that the product is going to be a perfect replacement.  Smart dishwashers, for example, have Wi-Fi connectivity and may offer voice control via a virtual home assistant, like Amazon’s Alexa. Keep in mind that products with more advanced features also come with a higher price tag—so if affordability is an important factor, it may be best to stick to a basic yet efficient model, when you buy your kitchen appliances.


Evidently, the brand you opt for may go a long way to determining the performance and function of your appliance. For example, some brands may be quite successful in the manufacturing and distribution of washing machines but may not be as successful when we speak of smaller home appliances like juice extractors or coffee makers. You need to take time to consider the features you can not live without and take a pick from the under listed brands.

About Breville 


Breville is an Australian brand of home appliances. It was founded in 1932 in Sydney to majorly produce small appliances like hand mixers, coffee machines, and stand mixers. The brand name Breville came to be when the founders, Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville creatively carved out ‘Breville’ from the merger of their names. 


The Breville company started off by manufacturing radios, during World War II. In this period, it was able to record the production of several mine detecting devices. In a sudden twist, this radio business was taken over by A.W Jackson Industries Ltd. which manufactured radiograms and television sets at the time under the Breville brand, after this venture, Breville turned its attention to the manufacturing of household appliances instead. Now, Breville trades in over 70 countries and majorly in countries like China, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, and Israel, and later in 2002, the Breville brand was launched in Canada and the United States. Since its inception, the company practiced diversification in production, regardless, it has restricted itself to the production of small home appliances. Small home appliances like; espresso machines, microwave ovens, pressure cookers, juicers, blenders, and hand mixers are some of the products of the Breville brand. Now we will look at some of the best Breville products available.

The Breville BHM800SIL Hand Mixer


The Breville BHM800SIL Hand Mixer has a finely brushed silver color and measures approximately 8.5 inches in length, 3.5 inches in width and 10.25 inches in height, so you cannot possibly miss it. If you are the kind that prefers their hand mixer a little weighty, you may be glad to know that it weighs 4 pounds. Its wattage is just 240 watts; it is relatively energy-efficient and it has 9 incredible speeds!.


The most attractive feature of this machine, in my opinion, is its Beater IQ Technology. This is about the most automatic or AI thing you will find in a hand mixer. Whether you are whisking cream or kneading dough, the Handy Mix Scraper detects which attachment you are using and automatically readjusts to the perfect speed. In addition to this, this hand mixer has very quiet scraper beaters that give no clinging or clanging sounds in the kitchen. The rubber Scraper Beater maximizes contact with the bowl while minimizing sound, to ensure you incorporate all ingredients for more thorough mixing. Its 9-speed settings afford precision with speed selection. It is almost as if, there is a speed setting for every mixing situation you are confronted with.


When it comes to handling ease and an ergonomic design, this hand mixer is your guy. It also allows for compact storage through its compartment houses built to house the mixer’s attachments. It comes with extra accessories of 2 scraper beaters. 2 Dough Hooks and 2 Ballon Whisks.

About Bosch


If properly assessed, we can conclude that Bosch has attained a significant milestone in fulfilling its mission regarding the development of products that are invented for life. Bosch has been really concerned with the improvement of the quality of life and the conservation of natural resources and it is safe to conclude that they are doing great at this, especially with their high-end home appliance innovations. 


The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier/manufacturer of technology and services and it employs roughly 402,600 associates worldwide. Its products have a very conspicuous presence in the market and through sales, it amassed revenue of 78.7 billion euros in 2021. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. As a leading IoT provider, Bosch offers innovative solutions for smart homes, Industry 4.0, and connected mobility. In 1886, Robert Bosch founded the business conglomerate now known as Bosch and now they produce home appliances among other products. Bosch SHEM63W55N Dishwasher is one of their beautiful creations for the kitchen. A Bosch product is reviewed below.

Bosch SHEM63W55N Dishwasher.


If meal-making is not a problem, then dishwashing should ever be hassle-free. Whether you are replacing a machine that no longer works effectively or you are building your kitchen from the ground up,  smart homeowners know to go for none other than the Bosch SHEM63W55N Dishwasher. Some of the reasons why this is a great choice are that this dishwasher is equipped with recent technologies like the Precision wash, the sensor cycles, and the Aqua Stop which is basically for leak protection. The machine itself uses smart sensors and multiple spray arms to target stuck-on food and debris. Instead of a simple hot water bath, your glassware, plates, and utensils are individually targeted—leaving all of your equipment squeaky clean every time. Use the third rack to clean any extra serving spoons and flatware that won’t fit below.


Coupled with this power cleaning function is this dishwasher’s effective volume cancellation technology. Hence, instead of the clatter of pan against pans or a high noise water jet system, the Bosch SHEM63W55N dishwasher puts out a quiet hum at just 44 dBA, the noise level equivalent to light rain or a quiet library.   Apparently, with this technology, you need not be apprehensive about holding a quiet conversation right in your kitchen while your dishwasher runs.


Another interesting feature of this dishwasher is the AquaStop leak protection feature that ensures any potential spill is taken care of and stopped before it even begins. This technology kicks in by automatically shutting down immediately after any leak is noticed. It does not stop here, it goes on to pull water residue already deposited in the system.


This dishwasher is also built with a third rack to meet your loading needs. Now, you can easily save time by doing all your sets at once. The third rack of this dishwasher affords at least 30% extra space in the leading area. In this third rack, there is ample space for flatware, large utensils, and measuring cups.

About Frigidaire


The Frigidaire group was established in 1918 after the acquisition of the Guardian Frigerator Company by General Motors. As soon as this acquisition took effect, the name of this company was changed to Frigidaire, amongst other things. Frigidaire subsequently emerged as one of the largest manufacturers of refrigerators shortly after. Frigidaire’s first product was its own take on the electric refrigerator, invented five years prior in 1913. This product was nothing short of spectacular in those times but it did not take too long to realize that much improvement was to be made, if the company was to dominate in the refrigerator market. There was a need to advance from just producing a simple electric cooling box to a clean stainless steel gadget. First in the progression of this necessary improvement was the introduction of metal linings made of hydro line in 1921. This product has better insulation and more refrigeration. Next, in 1924, they started adding more cubbies to their appliances, such as ice cream cabinets and drawers.  In 1926, their fridge designs had improved significantly and changed to the more familiar all-steel style for which they are now known. Later in 1929, the company reached a huge milestone when it sold more than a million fridges. This was indeed an indication of how much a company can grow under the right circumstances. In 1937, new fridges began including fancier components, such as ice dispensers and humidified drawers. Ever since this time, they have produced even better refrigerators.

Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerator – FRTD2021AS


This Frigidaire Top Freezer has a complete exterior steel finish, and it measures approximately 69 inches in height, 30 inches in width and it is 34.13 inches deep. Its key features include;


The Even Temperature Cooling system: As the tile suggests, this features helps circulate even temperature throught the freezer of this refrigerator. Perhaps you placed in the refrigerator, warm foods and others extremely hot, the cooling system of this refrigerator will automatically react quickly to this temperature flunctuations and constantly circulate cold air throughout the fresh food and freezer compartments.


Spacious Interior Storage: With a total capacity of 20.45 cubic feet, this Frigidaire top freezer can accommodate a whole lot, at a go. There is just a space designed for everything in this refrigerator and it is the absolute fit for a busy family. This spacious interior also features the following including; a half-width deli drawer, two glass shelves, gallon door bins, full-width wire freezer shelf, and a dairy bin.


Humidity-Controlled Crispers: This feature helps keep produce fresh and crispy for a longer time and this is why this model is considered energy-efficient; you waste less and while you get to save more.

About Samsung


The Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational manufacturing conglomerate which has its headquaters in Samsung Town, Seoul and South Korea. Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938. The company has set an ambitious goal of reaching $400 billion in annual revenues within ten years. The company has 24 research-and-development centers around the world, and since the early 2000s and in Vision 2020, Samsung has emphasized technical research and development and it is indeed a leading force in the manufacturing of appliances used in the home.


Samsung NE58F9710WS Electric Range


This Samsung range is beatifully finished in stainless steel. It has five different Electric Cooktop Elements including a triple bridge burner. It has a very large oven capacity of approximately 5.8 cubic feet. This range is equipped with easy and fancy controls which made of glass touch and assisted with guiding lights. It has Dual Convention for even cooking. Finally, it is equipped with a flex duo technology that enables the range switch easilly from single cavity to two smaller cavities.

About LG


In 1958, LG Electronics was founded as GoldStar, after the merger of two prominent Korean Companies-Lak-Hui which means ”Lucky” and Goldstar were merged together to form the company now commonly known as LG. It was only fair that the merged company bore the identity of both companies after the merger was concluded, hence the Acronym stood for Lucky and GoldStar. Shortly after this merger, Household Appliances were sold under Lucky while other Electronics were marketed using the GoldStar brand name but even at the time, LG had not risen to the prominence it has so far acquired. Product Quality was not as great as it is today, hence they were also inexpensive, yielding very little profit every quarter. However, 1995, marked the start of other events that exposed the company to the Limelight. In that year, LG was now known as ‘Life’s Good Electronics’ simply termed LG Electronics, in the same year, the company acquired a US Electronics Company named Zenith at the time. Since that time, LG has invented and manufactured high-end technologies for the home and they just keep getting better at it. 


LG Electronics NeoChef MH 6535 GIS Microwave with Grill 


This LG Microwave oven is made of black glass stainless steel and a touch pad for easy control. It has a smart inverter technology with precise power control and fast heating and defrosting function. It is equipped with i-Wave which enables food heating through three-dimensional microwaves. Its cooking chamber is quite spacious as it measures approximately 22.8 inches in Height, 32.2 inches in Width  and it is 33.5 inches deep. Finally, to keep its interior clean and sanitized, it is equipped with an Anti-bacterial coated interior with easy cleaning.



Are Maytag and Whirlpool Home Appliance brand to be trusted?


Maytag and Whirlpool are US based multinational companies that have climbed to the peak of the manufacturing of highly efficient and sophisticated Home appliances, hence they can be trusted. However, regardless of the sterling reputation of these brands, it is important to understand their areas of strength and weakness and this can only be reveald through their products. For example, the fact that they produce great washing machine does not necessarily mean you will same excellent features in a blender.


Who makes the best Kitchen Appliance?


In most cases, what is considered best depends a lot on individual preferences hence, it may be difficult to conclude that a particular brand is the best. It is even more difficult to arrive at this conclusion when a number of brands have almost thesame features. Therefore, to answer this question, an individuall may need ask themselves what exactly catches their fancy and take a pick from available options. 





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