Above Stove Microwave to Heat Your Food and Meet Your Needs

Above stove microwaves are generally viewed as outdated these days, but they still have value. When you want to heat up leftovers or a meal for yourself in a hurry, having an above stove microwave can be the difference that allows you to better fit meals into your busy schedule.

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For consumers looking to be economical with their use of kitchen space, having an above stove microwave can allow you the convenience of a microwave without taking up bulky counter space. It can be installed to fit the buyer’s personal height, an especially convenient option for consumers who are especially tall or short. It will also save counter space and allow for more room to put appliances, decorations and cooking materials. Below are five great choices for affordable above stove microwaves under $300.

Above Stove Microwaves

Customer Rating4 out of 5 stars3.6 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars

NameHaier HMV1630SBSS Over the Range Microwave, 1000-watt, Stainless Steel
Samsung ME16H702SES 1.6 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven
Whirlpool WMH31017AB Microwave
Samsung ME16H702SEB 1.6 Cu. Ft. 1000W Over-the-Range Microwave, Black
GE JVM3150SFSS 1.5 cu. ft. Over-the-Range-Microwave Oven with Auto & Time Defrost Convenience Cooking Controls Turntable Control Two-Speed 300-CFM Venting System and Add 30 Seconds in Stainless Steel
ManufacturerHaier America Trading LLCSamsungWhirlpoolSamsungGE
Capacity1.6 cu. ft. (cubic feet)1.6 cu. ft.N/A1.6 cu.ft.1.5 cu. ft.
Power Levels10N/AN/AN/AN/A
Turntable diameter13.6 inchesN/AN/A11.5 inchesN/A
Product Dimensions29.9 x 5.8 x 15 inches15.2 x 29.9 x 16.9 inches16.1 x 29.9 x 17.2 inches29.9 x 16.9 x 15.2 inches33.5 x 21 x 19.5 inches
Item Weight55.1 pounds46.8 pounds65 pounds50 pounds70 pounds
Shipping Weight64 poundsN/AN/AN/AN/A
Item Model NumberHMV1630SBSSME16H702SESWMH31017ABME16H702SEBJVM3150SFSS

How Do I Make My Decision?

While also thinking about affordability, you have to also consider other factors when buying an above stove microwave. You need to consider:What’s right for me?

  • Size
  • Appearance
  • Cooking Time
  • Heating Performance
  • Construction


When considering size, you need to look at something that will fit in that space over your stove. Get something to measure the dimensions of the space you want to use and then go to a professional so they can tell you which options you have to select from that will fit your personal dimensions.


The first question when thinking about appearance is thinking about the theme of your home and your kitchen. Are you more modern and love the stainless steel look? Are you more old-fashioned and love the classic white microwave to go in your kitchen? Looking closely at how the microwave reflects your personality while also complementing your home is very important.


Cooking Time

This is a very important factor when considering which above stove microwave to purchase. If you want to have food on the go, you have to have an appliance that will cook food fast, but also thoroughly.  Undercooked foods have all sorts of health risks, and making sure that the type of meals you intend to microwave are compatible with your choice is essential. You wouldn’t want a microwave that needs another 20 minutes to properly cook your food right as it’s time to pick up the kids from school.

Heating Performance

This also speaks to how long the microwave you purchase will be able to cook your food. If the heating performance is poor, then it will directly correlate into a longer wait time for your meal. If you don’t realize that your above stove microwave has low heating performance, then you will have meals that won’t be cooked thoroughly and again, could cause safety and health issues.



You want an appliance that was built to last for a price you can afford. Especially when purchasing a new above stove microwave, always look for customer reviews and ratings because getting the opinions from people who have tried the product first is often the most helpful tool in deciding which above stove microwave could be right for you.. Research the manufacturer you plan on buying from and see how they value their customers and price their products.

Remodeling Options When Purchasing Above the Stove Microwaves

There are remodeling options if you don’t want the microwave to take away from the overall look of your kitchen, according to Remodelista. Contrary to popular belief, it is still quite possible to own an above stove microwave and have a pleasing kitchen atmosphere simultaneously.

You can hire someone or perform a do-it-yourself project (DIY) where you place the microwave in a cabinet above the stove and that way you can close the cabinet and still have more space. It is another way to make your kitchen space pleasing to the eye while still maintaining optimal functionality.

Extra Tips To Think About When Buying Above Stove Microwaves

You should only keep a microwave oven for nine years before having to replace it. Always read the directions before using your microwave to ensure safety, according to US News.

Linda Thomson of Top Ten Reviews has other tips for those who want to purchase an above the stove microwave.

  • Make sure it is installed properly.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Don’t use single-use plastic containers:
    • Styrofoam containers
    • Plastic tubs for dairy
    • Plastic bowls
    • Plastic utensils
    • Plastic cups
    • Use water with lemon juice or vinegar and place in a bowl.
    • Put the bowl in the microwave oven on high and let the steam fill the interior.
    • Let it cool down and then wipe out your appliance.

Safety Tips When Using Your Microwave

Once you make your purchase of an above the stove microwave, you need to follow certain tips to keep yourself safe and protect your purchase, according to Samsung:

  • Avoid placing metal or foil items in the microwave.
  • Stir your food periodically as you heat it in the microwave.
  • Don’t microwave your food for too long to avoid flame hazards.
  • Keep the cord away from water or other liquids.

Ding! Your Advice Is Ready

When thinking about purchasing an above the stove microwave, consider all the variables we’ve discussed in this article such as: pricing, customer rating, manufacturer values, color options, performance options, cleaning needs, safety measures, and fire hazards. Life isn’t going to suddenly get less busy and purchasing the right above stove microwave could benefit you in countless ways.  Try one for yourself and see!